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Studies about the “Millennial Generation”

The millennial generation, or “Generation Y” is typically considered to be this current group of 13-29 year olds.

Millennial generation demographics

Millennial generation civic behavior

Studies about Youth Turnout Strategies

There is a sizable and growing body of data that indicates that certain kinds of voter turnout techniques are quite effective at boosting youth voter turnout. A common thread that ties most of the studies together is the effectiveness of personalized, peer-to-peer voter turnout techniques. Young people are more likely to respond to an appeal to register or vote from a fellow young person, and respond most powerfully from a face-to-face encounter.

Studies done on the Student PIRGs' New Voters Project

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CIRCLE and Young Voter Strategies’ Young Voter Mobilization Tactics

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The Youth Vote: Engagement, Mobilization, and Polling

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