Campaign Resources

Energy Service Corps Project Packet

Download this resource for everything you need to know to organize the Energy Service Corps campaign on your campus.


Facebook makes it pretty tough for you to control who gets to see your personal information. This guide will walk you through, step by step, how to adjust your settings to control who can see your information on Facebook.

Resource | Textbooks

Exposing the Textbook Industry

How Publishers’ Pricing Tactics Drive Up the Cost of College Textbooks

Resource | Other

Activist Toolkit

This Activist Toolkit provides any intern or volunteer with the basic tools necessary to run strong campaigns and service projects and win reforms both on and off campus for students and the public interest.

Resource | Hunger

Hurricane Sandy Response Toolkit

The best way to immediately help the victims of a natural disaster is to fundraise and get the funds to on-the-ground relief organizations as quickly as possible. Check out our toolkit for tips. 


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