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60,000 and counting!


Voter registration deadlines have come and gone in most states and the rest are approaching fast. With 20 days until Election Day I'm incredibily proud of what we've accomplished so far.

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Thirty years ago today, the nation's first new car lemon law took effect in Connecticut, providing consumers with a real remedy, or a refund, when their new car was a lemon. California's law, championed by Rosemary Shahan of CARS, followed very closely, but Connecticut was first. Every state (list at Center for Auto Safety) now has a new car lemon law and consumers are better off for it. Estimates are that the Connecticut law has saved consumers $60 million.

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Students Win In Florida

By | Florida PIRG

Yesterday, Federal Judge Robert L. Hinkle issued an order to permanently remove some of the most restrictive parts of Florida’s new voter registration laws. The laws would have made it harder for student governments and groups like us to help young people register to vote.

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