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Today, at a field hearing in Detroit, as expected, the CFPB announced its first "larger participants" rule, giving itself the authority to supervise, or look inside the mysterious "black box" operations, of the biggest credit bureaus

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Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is doing a live Q&A on Twitter on Wednesday, June 27th at 2:00 p.m. EDT.  Secretary Duncan will answer your questions about college affordability and the administration’s education policies and priorities.

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Winning. Victory in Florida

By | Florida PIRG

Yesterday, in a huge victory for students and Floridians, a judge overturned a new state law that would have made it harder for student governments and groups like us to to register young people to vote.

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The Campus Debit Card Trap

By | Student PIRGs

We just released a report, The Campus Debit Card Trap: Are Bank Partnerships Fair To Students, that shows banks skim millions in fees from student aid using debit-card-linked student IDs. 

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