Student Debt Alert

The Student PIRGs envision a world in which qualified students who want to go to college can do so, without burdensome student loan debt to hold them back after graduation.  

In the new debt-for-diploma era, more needs to be done to for students who borrow to pay for college.  Student borrowers and their parents are confronted with confusion around the federal aid programs, misleading information surrounding private loan options, and little recourse and support in the event they experience problems in repayment.  To keep college affordable and accessible, we must strive for stronger borrower safeguards.

Issue updates

Student Government Leaders Unite in Call for Federal Open Textbook Grant Program

Student government leaders of the undersigned colleges and universities write to Congress on the urgent need to address the skyrocketing price of textbooks, and a request to create a national open textbook pilot grants program in the FY18 appropriations bill.

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How students are engaging textbook companies in a duel against high prices, and winning

Before entering the classroom of an intro-level economics course, students get a real-life experience with the subject — the required textbook costs $290 on Amazon.

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Report: High Textbook Prices Have College Students Struggling

The soaring cost of college textbooks is affecting students throughout the nation, to the point where some forgo purchasing books, despite the fact their grades could be in jeopardy.

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Textbooks and access codes financially burden students, university should adopt open textbooks

College textbooks notoriously break the bank of our nation’s youth and SRU students are no exception to that rule.

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