In Pursuit of Cheaper Textbooks

Here we are again, starting off a new term on campus, headed to the internet and to bookstores to get our textbooks.

Textbooks are expensive. Too expensive.

We work with students and faculty across the country and where we can, lawmakers to make textbooks more affordable by stopping unfair business practices by publishers that drive up the costs of higher education.

Affordable Textbooks Day of Action

Fueled by frustration with skyrocketing costs, students from more than 40 colleges nationwide are uniting for a Day of Action to spread the word about textbook affordability solutions

A Cover to Cover Solution

We just released a new report on textbook affordability. The new report evaluates cost-reducing options from the traditional textbook market – rentals, e-books and e-readers – and  open textbooks as potential measures to reduce the high cost of textbooks.