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Drawing lessons from other countries, our new study shows that high-speed rail can boost our economy, save energy, curb pollution and provide a popular
alternative to congested roads and airports.

Read the report. (a TRACK RECORD FOR SUCCESS)

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As America moves toward construction of new high-speed rail networks in regions throughout the country, we have much to learn from experiences abroad. High-speed rail lines have operated for more than 45 years in Japan and for three decades in Europe, providing a wealth of information about what the United States can expect from high-speed rail and how we can receive the greatest possible benefits from our investment.

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It's time to vote!

We need to make sure politicians pay attention to us and the issues we care about. Join the millions of students who are voting this Election Day!

Find your polling place

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Something big is happening in our democracy - young people are voting. Our turnout increased for the 2008 elections—continuing a trend of growing youth voter participation.

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