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Youth turnout surged in key primary states last night, continuing a striking trend started in the first presidential contests of 2008. "In all the noise of last night's election, one message was heard loud and clear," said Sujatha Jahagirdar, Program Director with the Student PIRGs' New Voters Project. "Young people are tuning in and turning out."

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This study is an in-person survey of a diverse sample of over 1500 students, primarily single undergraduates, at 40 large and small schools and universities in 14 states around the country conducted between October 2007 and February 2008. It analyzes how students pay for their education, how many use and how they use credit cards and, as an important goal of the survey, their attitudes toward credit card marketing on campus and whether or not they support principles to rein in credit card marketing on campus.

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Collaborative Statistics 
[about the book] [straight to the book]
Dr. Barbara Illowsky, De Anza College
Susan Dean, De Anza College
Publisher: Connexions

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Over the last three years, research conducted by the Student Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) and others have shown that textbooks are a growing cost of going to college. These studies also have found that the textbook industry is using a host of practices that drive up the price of college textbooks. In the fall of 2006, we interviewed faculty members, walked through bookstores and interviewed bookstore staff to uncover textbooks that reveal six types of textbook industry gimmicks. (October 2006)

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