New Voters Project History

The Student PIRGs have been pioneers in youth voter registration and mobilization efforts.

In 1983, the PIRGs launched the National Student Campaign for Voter Registration, the nation's first major youth mobilization effort since 18-year-olds received the franchise in 1972. This initial effort helped register nearly one million students to vote throughout the 1980s.

In 1994, working with Rock the Vote, Campus Green Vote, ACORN, and Green Corps, the PIRGs launched the Youth Vote Coalition. The coalition eventually grew to include more than 100 organizations, helped to register well over a million voters through the participating organizations, and helped to ensure coordination and collaboration within the youth civic engagement community.

The Student PIRGs then used the expertise gained through these efforts to launch the New Voters Project, which has helped to register more than 600,000 young voters and made 650,000 GOTV contacts since its launch in 2003.