Working With The Media

Good media coverage enables you to educate and influence thousands of people within a given media market, helping you to win reforms. Building media relations is the key to getting coverage as well as a critical piece of any power building strategy–the people who determine what’s news are people who influence our ability to make things happen.


• Advances the goals of the organization. Effective use of the media in a campaign is one of the most important tools you can use to achieve campaign victories.
• Educates and influences opinion leaders and the public.
• Builds your group by deepening name recognition and credibility.


Anything you’re doing can be made into a media opportunity if you can create an appropriate “handle”–something for the media to latch onto.

• Launching campaigns
• Pressuring an individual or group to take action
• An education or visibility event
• Releasing reports
• Organizing events
• Public criticism or protest when something went wrong
• Commenting on a current event that highlights the need for our campaign
• Influential groups, people or VIPs.