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The great textbook robbery

A watchdog group called CALPIRG has issued a report called Ripoff 101, documenting that the giant publishers are raising prices of college texts at a rate three times higher than the prices of general books.

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Student creates website to track down cheapest textbooks available

As a junior business major, Matthew Ellis should supposedly be concerned with making himself a fortune — not saving others a fortune on their textbooks.

Big Day for Open Education!


Today kicked off two major initiatives for open education: the first annual Open Education Week and the Why Open Education Matters video competition.

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Federal Textbook Price Disclosure Law

The HEOA, short for the Higher Education Opportunity Act, is a higher education reform bill passed by Congress in 2008.  Among the many provisions in HEOA was a set of important regulations to help make textbooks affordable, which went into effect July 1, 2010

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Make Textbooks Affordable: Recommendations to Faculty

Faculty are in charge of selecting textbooks, which puts them in a key position to help students save money.  Follow these guidelines to help minimize costs.

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Tips to Save on Textbooks

Even though students are stuck paying publishers' outrageous prices, you do have a few tools to reduce how much you spend.  Being a smart consumer could save you hundreds of dollars every year.  Follow these tips to save on textbooks!

Groups target textbook prices to rein in college costs

A push to create free or inexpensive textbooks is gaining momentum as educators, philanthropists and policymakers nationwide search for new ways to rein in college costs.

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CSUN student petitioning for textbook companies to lower prices

Tired of the rising cost of education? CTVA major Marcos Castro said that’s why he’s looking for signatures for a petition demanding textbook companies lower their prices.

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Groundbreaking State-Sponsored Program Will Save Students Millions On Textbooks, PIRG Analysis Finds

The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges launched a library of low-cost course materials for the state's 42 highest-enrollment courses. An analysis conducted by the Student PIRGs finds that the program will pay for itself through textbook savings within a single year.


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