“It’s Earth Day, Earth Day, Gotta be green on Earth Day!”

There are lots of ways to help the environment today (and every day). Here’s a quick roundup of what’s on our agenda for the day:

  • Our Energy Service Corps is hosting events in New Jersey, California, Wisconsin, and Colorado to celebrate and promote energy efficiency. They’re teaching educational lessons,  performing energy audits, and weatherizing homes a buildings.
  • At UMASS Lowell, MASSPIRG students are organizing a “Stuff Swap” – celebrating their favorite”R” in Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. They are reusing clothes, music, books by asking students to come trade up. They’ll donate all the extras so nothing ends up in a landfill.
  • In Colorado, CoPIRG students at Boulder are promoting their “Take Back the Tap Campaign” to kick bottled water. They’ve worked with the CU bookstore to arrange a 20% discount on re-usable water bottles all week!
  • We’re helping get the word out for our friends at The Green Life. They just launched “Bag the Bag” – a campaign asking people to stop using plastic bags. The average American using 500 plastic bags every year, so cutting plastic bags out of your routine can make a real impact on the nation’s consumption of oil and its contribution to ocean pollution.
  • And, of course, it’s also Friday, so we’re celebrating Rebecca Black style – I can’t decide which of these high schooler’s Earth Day parodies I like more! Watch “Earth Day Song” and “Earth Day.