Deposits may be added for water bottles

BOSTON (WWLP) – Environmentally-conscious campaigners got festive, dressing up for Halloween and asking lawmakers for a “treat” this year, by passing the proposed bottle bill update.

They say the bill awards recycling by refunding a 5-cent deposit to consumers who return their bottles to a store or redemption center. Supporters say they’re distributing more than 15,000 signatures to lawmakers in favor of the proposed bottle bill update.

”The public clearly supports this measure. It is a great way to reduce litter and to increase recycling, and study after study shows the actual beverage prices don’t go up,” said Janet Domenitz, the Executive Director of MASSPIRG.

Currently, the state’s recycling program only tacks on a five-cent redeemable deposit on soda and beer containers.

This bill would expand that list to include items like bottled water, juices, and sports drinks.