Senator Brown: Do the math

As you know, unless Congress takes immediate action, thousands of us will see our student loan interest rates double from 3.4% to 6.5% just weeks from now, on July 1, 2012.

Sen. Scott Brown has said that he is committed to affordable higher education. But he voted to block a senate bill that would keep existing student loan interest rates low.

Bay State students and our families can’t afford to have Senator Brown vote the wrong way. Send him a message: “Don’t double the student loan interest rate.”

We’re setting up a meeting with the Senator so we can hand deliver the letters.

A college education shouldn’t be out of reach. But right now, 63% of Massachusetts students carry student loan debt. The average student loan borrower in Massachusetts attending a state school already carries over $25,000 in student debt. 

For every student and family in the Commonwealth, this is a time when every dime counts. This is personal because higher education provides us with opportunities – we can’t allow college to become a luxury that only a few families can afford.

Student loan debt affects where we live when we graduate, when we start a family or buy a home, our job prospects, and even keeps some of us from finishing or going to college at all.

We need Senator Brown to stand up for students and preserve existing student loan interest rates.