Mass. groups take aim at Citizens United

The League of Women Voters and liberal groups including Common Cause and MASSPIRG are seeking to place a question on the November ballot calling for a federal constitutional amendment establishing that corporations are not entitled to the same free-speech rights as people.

The Democracy Amendment Coalition of Massachusetts will announce its proposal at the State House on Tuesday.

The coalition says it will submit more than 20,000 signatures to place the question on the ballot in six state Senate districts and 33 representative districts. More than one-third of voters would have a chance to participate in the non-binding referendum.

If the state certifies the signatures, the question will go on the ballot in 178 cities and towns in Essex County, Metrowest, the Cape and Islands, Western Massachusetts and parts of Boston.Click here for the full list.

The amendment was proposed in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decisionwhich struck down limits on corporate speech. It would allow the government to limit political contributions and spending by corporations.