Stamp Money Out of Politics

On the fourth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United ruling, we’re rallying across the country to support meaningful reforms to reclaim our democracy and get big money out of politics.

We’re partnering with Ben Cohen (Ben from Ben & Jerry’s) and the Stamp Stampede to spread the word to overturn Citizens United. Campuses across the country are setting up stamping stations to stamp ‘Amend the Constitution: Stamp Money Out of Politics’ messages on cash, gather petition signatures, and recruit volunteers to kick off our national democracy campaign.

Can you join us? Click here to let us know! We’ll send you a toolkit on how to organize your own campaign on campus.

In our democracy, all Americans should have an equal, meaningful voice. But four years ago the Citizens United decision opened the floodgates for big money in our elections, enabling a small number of mega-donors to drown out the voices of average Americans.

Fortunately, it also sparked a national movement to reclaim our democracy.

Since January of 2010, 16 states and more than 500 cities and towns across the country have gone on record against the Citizens United ruling, calling on Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment to limit big money in elections.

In the short term, we have an opportunity to pass legislation that will encourage candidates to pursue lots of small donors, instead of a just a few big moneyed interests. The Government by the People Act will:

• Increase participation in campaign funding by creating the “my voice” refundable tax credit which puts money in people’s pockets to make small contributions to support candidates and causes.

• Encourage candidates to seek out the funds they need to run from a broad swath of their constituents by creating the “freedom from influence” fund, which matches small donations 6 to 1.

 Take action today by sending your own message to your members of Congress.