Take action today to stop the mining industry’s misleading radio ads

Last week the EPA made a historic announcement setting the first-ever federal limits for carbon pollution from the single largest source: power plants. This is a huge step forward our country is taking to combat global warming, and we’re excited to make sure this happens.

Groups like the National Mining Association are not as thrilled. In fact, they’ve already started fear mongering about EPA’s proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants.

The NMA is airing radio ads to spread lies about electric bills “nearly doubling.” In reality, EPA projects the proposed carbon pollution limits would decrease consumer electric bills by 80 percent on average[1]. To say that the ad is based on a DOE official’s quote taken out of context is understating the issue – the NMA twisted the quote right out of its joint.  The NMA ads are so egregious that the Washington Post fact checker[2] calls the ads “bogus” and “unsupported,” and assigned the radio ads “four pinocchios,” the most severe rating for false claims.

Take action today to ask KQMT 99.5 and KRDO 105.5 to stop airing these deceptive ads. These ads are airing through June 22, so we need to move quickly.

Here’s how you can take action:

1. Call one of the radio stations below and use this message: “Hi my name is _____, and I was upset to hear that your radio station is STILL airing false ads sponsored by the National Mining Association. The Denver Post says these ads ‘flunk the truth test,’ because they are spreading blatant lies about the costs of cleaning up carbon pollution. Please take these misleading ads off the air immediately. Thank you.”

Stations to contact:

KQMT FM, 99.5 The Mountain (Denver)
Carleen Himel, [email protected]

(If above KQMT mailbox full, then):
Amy Greisheimer: Market Manager/GM, [email protected]

KRDO, 105.5FM (Colorado Springs)
Joann Mortensen: [email protected]
719-632-1515 (dial 6 for mailbox, or 1 for “comments on programming”)

2. Tweet at these stations to take down these ads. Sample tweets:

The NMA ad on @995themountain was called “bogus” by @WashingtonPost – so why is it still on air? http://wapo.st/RZSyVF  #ActOnClimate

.@995themountain Why are you running a polluter NMA ad that was given a Four Pinocchio rating? http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

.@995themountain Take the misleading NMA ad off the air! #EPA carbon limits good for Colorado and U.S. http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

.@995themountain Pull the false NMA ad! Colorado listeners deserve the truth! http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

@KRDONewsRadio Did you see this NMA ad running on your station was debunked? http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

Why is @KRDONewsRadio still running this false NMA polluter ad? http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

This ad on @KRDONewsRadio has Four Pinocchios from @WashingtonPost factcheck – why is it still on air? http://wapo.st/RZSyVF #ActOnClimate

Although exaggerated advertising is regrettably common in today’s media environment, it is rare that ads are based on full-blown falsehoods. The Federal Communication Commission instructs broadcasters to “ensure that advertisements aired on their stations are not false or misleading”[3].

Of course, the mining industry was compelled to protect its advertising investment, and issued a letter attempting to defend its radio ad. However, because the Washington Post fact checker got all the facts right, the polluters have no leg to stand on. The NMA letter just piles on more deception to its original false claims. It cannot deny that the ad is based on a quote that is irrelevant to the EPA’s carbon pollution standards, so instead the NMA tries to distract from the ad claims and seeks to blame wholly unrelated EPA pollution limits for higher electric bills.

The mining industry’s attempts to defend its deception are ludicrous. Make a call today and tweet to these stations.

These ads have been independently verified to be false and misleading. Per FCC guidance, radio station managers airing these ads need to take them down immediately.


[1] “Administrator McCarthy, Remarks Announcing Clean Power Plan, As Prepared,” EPA

[2] “A bogus claim that electricity prices will ‘nearly double’ because of clean coal technology,” Washington Post Fact Checker

[3] “Complaints about broadcast advertising,” FCC

More Background Info:

“Mining industry can’t shake off “Four Pinocchios” from its radio ad about EPA,” NRDC SWiTCHBOARD

“Radio ad about electric bills flunks truth tests,” Denver Post