Eckerd PIRG Newsletter – 2023-2024

FALL 2024

To start off the year, we hosted our kickoff event for Fall 2023 at the Go Pavillion! We would like to thank our guest speakers for coming out to this event and voicing their support. Thank you President Annarelli and Professor Brunello!

We also established the EC Food Bank, located in the student lounge. This food bank was designed to help students have access to food at all hours of the day for no cost. We would like to thank all of the people who donated food over the course of the year, and would like to thank Caitlyn Robinson for donating the mini-fridge! We would also like to thank our volunteers who helped decorate the food bank and maintain it over the year as well! The food bank operates on donations from students, faculty, and anyone else who would like to offer food/hygiene items.

In an effort to raise a large amount of donations and awareness for the food bank, we hosted our Indie Flea Market event at the Go Pavillion during the fall, where over 50 vendors sold their very own arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry, and other personal items! The Indie Flea event raised hundreds of donations for the food bank in a single day! We will be hosting this event again in the upcoming fall semester and we hope to see you there!

At the end of the semester, we collected hundreds of petitions for our 100% Renewable Energy Campaign and helped register close to 100 students to vote! We hosted a food drive alongside the Table Top club to help students avoid wasting food before going home for the winter break. We donated all of the items we received to Feed St. Pete, a local food pantry just down the street from Eckerd. Thank you Table Top Club and Feed St. Pete for helping us make a difference!


To start off the Spring semester, we hosted our Spring Kickoff event, and we would like to thank our guest speakers for voicing their support for our club, including President Annarelli and Hillel President Julia Bennet!

As part of our commitment to making an impact on a scale that surpasses the community level, we hosted an event for our national Relist Grey Wolves campaign on South Beach. Grey Wolves are not considered an endangered species despite the fact that less than 5,000 remain in the wild. We held a trivia social at South Beach, complete with raffle prizes and snacks!

In the spring we hosted our biggest on campus event to date with our Climate Convo event. We had 93 students attend the event and participated in building terrariums. We received 44 signed petitions for our 100% campaign, and received 79 written thank you letters to President Annarelli! We would like to thank our volunteers and interns who were involved in the planning and execution of this event as well as our guest speakers! Thank you Professor Flower, Professor Gowans, and Professor Cribbs!

To further our work on our Zero Hunger campaign, we hosted Eckerd’s first ever Battle of the Bands! We collaborated with the Rock Lab at Eckerd to host student organized bands and showcase their phenomenal musical talent. This event was hosted in the Pub and throughout the event, hundreds of people stopped by to listen to a few songs while they ate their dinners! We would like to thank the students of Rock Lab and Professor Oz for helping put on such an amazing show! The event also helped raise over 50 donations for our food bank, and helped gather over 20 letters of support for the Food Labeling Act!

We worked on our New Voters Project in the spring by hosting a Presidential Trivia table outside of the Pub. The goal for students was to name as many Presidents as they could in 30 seconds, and for every five they correctly named they earned a ticket to be entered into a raffle. We also helped students register to vote at the event and educated them on voting processes, mail-in information, and polling locations. This event brought our final numbers for the year up to 300 students who engaged in our New Voters Project!

To round out the spring semester, we completed our 100% Renewable Energy campaign by meeting with President Annarelli and presenting 600 total written and photo petitions in support of our goal to help Eckerd transition to renewable energy by 2035. We look forward to continuing to help out in the process of making this transition a reality, and we would like to thank President Annarelli, the Office of Sustainability, and our volunteers and interns for their incredible support!

We would like to say how much we appreciate Eckerd for supporting our work and acting with us to work on issues that our fellow students care about! We cannot wait to get started next year, and we hope you all enjoy your summers!

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