Activist Toolkit

This Activist Toolkit provides the basic tools to run strong campaigns and win victories for students and the public interest.

Make Textbooks Affordable: Recommendations to Faculty

Since professors are in charge of selecting textbooks, their choices determine how much students pay. Cost is just one of many factors that go into textbook adoptions, but following these guidelines could help reduce costs for students.

Open Textbooks Guide

This detailed guidebook explains the advantages of open textbooks and then lays out specific ways that your college can promote open books. This piece is great to give to librarians, administrators, and other VIPs.

Open Textbooks Organizing Toolkit

Our organizing toolkit for student governments and other student leaders provides instructions and tips on how to bring open textbooks to your campus.

Running an on-campus food pantry

Running a campus food pantry is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning and a dedicated team of leaders and volunteers. This toolkit provides the resources that you need in order to create and operate a successful food pantry on… Read more