WISPIRG Campus Action is a training and action program started by the Student PIRGs and is based on a model that has been helping students make positive change for almost 50 years on issues such as protecting the environment and public health, revitalizing our democracy, feeding the hungry and more.

Most colleges and universities offer students quality classes to learn about the problems facing their communities and our country. And many provide opportunities to study the solutions to address these problems. But what if you want to put that knowledge into action? How do you  take actions that will actually improve people’s lives and build toward a better, healthier and more meaningful future? That’s where our program comes in.

Our organizers, interns, and volunteers focus on real issues, provide critical skills trainings, build coalitions, plan events, get media attention, lobby decision makers, and coordinate with students on their campus, across the state, and throughout the country to bring about real change on issues that really matter.

UW Madison Club Leadership:

Rachel Fielkow and Samantha Sheanin // Club Chairs
Johanna Hussain // New Voters Project Campaign Coordinator
Riley Gough // Break Free From Plastics Campaign Coordinator
Emma Maring // Hunger and Homelessness Campaign Coordinator
Maddy Welch and Annika Anderson // Mental Health Campaign Coordinators
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