Affordable Textbooks Day of Action

Anyone who’s been to college knows textbooks are too expensive — the average student spends $900 a year on books, while publishing companies continue to drive up costs by coming out with new editions, bundling books, and hiding price information from faculty.

That’s why we’re taking action. Fueled by frustration with skyrocketing costs, students from more than 40 colleges nationwide are uniting for a Day of Action to spread the word about textbook affordability solutions
They are educating faculty about a federal price disclosure law that recently took effect and about open-source textbooks — college texts that are free online, affordable in print and can reduce costs by 80% according to our recent study.  To get the message out, students are meeting with professors
one-on-one, organizing educational events, presenting to faculty senates, and sending email blasts to reach thousands of faculty online.

Through the Day of Action we’ll reach over 500 professors face-to-face and thousands more through other tactics.  Through the day of action and ong
oing efforts we’re hoping to increase the number of professors who adopt open textbooks.

Check out yesterdays article in the New York Times, which mentions the Day of Action.