Student PIRGs Launches the Fall 2018 New Voters Project

Two years ago, in November 2016 some of us weren’t old enough to vote, many of us did vote, and many of us simply did not vote. But our democracy works best when we all participate and everyone weighs in on who gets elected. This year – 2018 – our generation will be the largest and most diverse group of potential voters in the country, with our own values and ideas. 

This week, the Student PIRGs are launching our 2018 New Voters Project – America’s oldest and largest nonpartisan youth voter mobilization program.

We have several goals for 2018. First, we want to increase youth voter turnout in the communities where we are running the New Voters Project. Second, we want to continue to use our successes to show the political establishment that targeting young people works.

This year the Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project plans to make more than 1,000,000 personalized vote reminders and help more than 40,000 young people register to vote in at least 10 states.

It’s our future. Let’s vote on it.