New Voters Project Helps Register 5,000+ Students in First Two Weeks!

In the first two weeks of the campaign, the Student PIRGs New Voters Project has helped over 5,000 students register to vote for the upcoming midterm elections!

On college campuses across Florida and Arizona, staff and student volunteers have already spoken to 13,000 students in their classes about the importance of getting out to vote, have collected 3,700 Pledges to Vote, and helped register 5,200 students to vote!

With PIRG chapters in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and North Carolina beginning their voter registration and education drives this week, it’s clear that the New Voters Project is just getting started!
Our generation is the largest and most diverse alive, and it’s up to us to choose a future that works for us.

It’s our future. Let’s vote on it.