Youth virtually engage their peers on National Voter Registration Day

COVID-19 has reshaped 2020’s election landscape, but that hasn’t stopped the Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project from extensive outreach for Tuesday’s National Voter Registration Day. The organization, which is one of the country’s oldest and largest youth-led voter mobilization efforts, is taking tried-and-tested campaign tactics and adapting them to reach students in an online world. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

When asked by a group of young admirers for advice, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “My advice is fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join… Read more

Youth virtually engage their peers on National Voter Registration Day

Nationwide – Although COVID-19 has reshaped the election landscape in 2020, as in the past, motivated young Americans are leading the efforts to mobilize their communities this fall, even with minimal face-to-face interaction on campus. On National Voter Registration Day (Tuesday, Sept. 22), college student leaders with the Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project will raise their peers’  awareness over social media, organize diverse coalitions of student groups and hold virtual events in an online effort to register thousands of students to vote. 

Meeting Student Basic Needs During COVID-19

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Trained and ready to go

Climate change. Plastic pollution. Affordable higher education. Turning out to vote. Young people want to make change on the issues they care about, and the Student PIRGs are here to help them. I’m excited to update you on our recent… Read more

The University of California moves to scrap single-use plastics

OAKLAND — University of California campuses will start phasing-out single-use plastics, paving the way for campuses free of non-essential plastics by 2030, the UC Office of the President (UCOP) and CALPIRG Students announced jointly today. The new policy will transition UC away from plastic bags in retail and dining locations and eventually eliminate single-use plastic food service items and plastic bottles, helping to reduce the production of plastic pollution in California and prevent microplastics from contaminating waterways.  

100 days out from Election Day, all eyes are on the youth vote

Perhaps more than ever before, youth activism and political engagement are on the rise. But due to a set of unique challenges, including the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is uncertainty about whether young people will finally secure the representation that they are capable of. 

John Lewis, 1940-2020

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